Tuesday, February 17th, 2004 | Gay Stuff

Congratulations to all my friends who got hitched this weekend… I’m so excited that everyone was given this opportunity. I’m so proud to live in a city that not only allows for this kind of thing but does it with excitement and enthusiasm. I’m so grateful to have a Mayor that, and the beginning of what I hope to be a great political career, has the balls to stand up for what he believes to be right and stand behind it… And I don’t give a damn what other people think about it – its not about them or the santity of their marriage – its about security, civil rights, and the love of individual couples. I couldn’t have put it more eloquently myself:

“The issue here is simple: the state’s Constitution does not permit discrimination at all, anywhere. We are in full compliance with our state’s equal protection clause prohibiting discrimination in any form. While some may believe that separate and unequal institutions are acceptable, we will oppose intolerance and discrimination every step of the way. San Francisco is a city of tolerance and mutual respect and we will accept nothing less than full civil rights for all our residents,” said Newsom.

Congratulations to ALL of you! 🙂

And everyone else!

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February 18, 2004

Hey thanks Pete! It was simply amazing. And this should all prove to be an interesting ride! I didn’t care much for Newsom at first – but now, he ranks. Oh yes, he does. SF is the greatest city in the WORLD! Smooch!

February 18, 2004

Well thank you very much! 🙂

February 18, 2004

yes, thank you!

and we can all now be comforted in the fact that our marriages have lasted longer than Britney Spears’, thanks to a semi colon 🙂

hot toddy
February 18, 2004

If I could be there to throw rice and blow bubbles and hug and kiss you all, I would. I am so happy for you. I can’t look at the wedding pictures without crying. We deserve this, damn it!! Everyone does.

Michael Hussey
February 19, 2004

Divorce the state from marriage. The contract of marriage is a promise between to individuals to be faithful, to support and love one another forever, and to legally share possessions. Why should people need to register with the state to make such a contract?