Another packed weekend

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004 | Pete Stuff

Damn.. So its lookin like this coming weekend is going to be yet another action packed weekend. I shouldn’t really be complaining since its all fun stuff – but still. Just not sure when i’m going to make time to sit on my ass and be a vegetable..

Friday is Kevin and my Anniversary (5 years – woo hoo) so Friday night we’re probably going to be doing something coupley. After that I’ve got friends from colorado coming out and we’re probably going to either hang out with them or go over to the east bay to hang with some other friends… Saturday night plan is probably dinner with yet a different group of friends.. And then Sunday is Dore Alley Fair which is always fun and different. So that along with hanging out with John (from Colorado) and his lady will make for another full day..

Uggg… Looking forward to all of it but sounding a little exhausting to me… Maybe I should take Monday to recover… who knows…

Now back to work! 🙂