Crazy weekend

Sunday, July 25th, 2004 | Pete Stuff

Another crazy but fun weekend… Friday night was anniversary night. Kevin and I went down to the Ferry Building and had oysters and beers before dinner and then went to Chaya for dinner which was really good. Was a very romantic evening walking along the water and spending time with my man.. I really enjoyed it.

Saturday was kind of work / chore day followed by dinner and, later that night I went out with Matt for drinks to honor Dore Alley Weekend. We both strapped on our gear (chaps in my case – leather in his case) and headed Out… Hit the Loading Dock followed by brief appearances at the PowerHouse and Mezzanine.

Today I spent most of the day with my friend John from college which was a lot of fun.. He and his wife came over for brunch with Kevin and I and then John came with Kevin, Matt, and I to Dore Alley Fair… He was quite the sport and I’m sure the fair was quite an experience for him… Its kind of funny how much the things at fairs like that don’t phase me these days.. Its only when I have stright friends with me that might be wierded out that I pay attention. But John was quite a sport and it was really nice hanging out with him…

Now I gotta get ready for another week of work.. Uggg..