So he didn’t fly

Thursday, September 9th, 2004 | Politics

Ok folks… c’mon… give it a rest… We KNOW already.. Bush wasn’t a war hero. He didn’t really even show up. I’ve got the message and its not the point. There is PLENTY about what the man is doing now for us to be scared shitless of. The fact that he was a flake in vietnam is only mildly relevant to me today – I think the media has beaten this dead horse..


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September 9, 2004

Duh. You just needed a good Philly tour guide. I grew up outside of Philly, and we lived there the 3 years that I was in law school.

Not to say that you’d want to MOVE there, but you could have easily found enough to do for a weekend.

Of course, Kevin would be really sore today…

September 12, 2004

What amazes me is that even though Bush as so many holes in his record it is still Kerry the one that is always on the defensive about Vietnam and Bush rarely has to deal with the issue.
This seems like it should have been a slam dunk issue for the Dems… but of course not since everything just seems to slid off Bush.