An important issue

Monday, September 13th, 2004 | Politics

Now THIS is the kind of thing I actually like hearing in the press:

Kerry Rips Bush Over Assault Weapons Law

WASHINGTON Sept. 13, 2004 — Democratic Sen. John Kerry on Monday accused President Bush of ducking his responsibility to protect the country from crime and terrorism by allowing a national assault weapons ban to expire.

This is the kind of issue I LIKE hearing about when it comes to this campaign. Forget their vietnam history – I’ve heard enough about that. The fact that Kerry would support an assault wepans ban and Bush chooses the gun lobby over national security is very telling. Which candidate really cares about my security? Seems its not the President.

And I’ve heard the argument that ‘the people who want ’em will get ’em anyway’ and, quite frankly, its a bull shit argument. While they might still be able to get them is there really any valid argument to be made for making it more difficult? And what valid justification can there be people to use this class of weapon for hunting or self defense.. Its just crap.

Anyway… Go Kerry! 🙂

Happy Monday! 🙂

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Shwa, Esq.
September 13, 2004

Amen…I’m so sick of hearing about their service recrods. It’s so irrelevant to what they can do for us today.