Monday, October 25th, 2004 | Blog Stuff

Uggg… Is it just me or has the volume of blog spam gone WAY up. I woke up this morning to about 20 new spam comments. Its super easy for me to blast ’em and I see ’em come in so they don’t stick for very long (especially given how often I read email).. But FUCK.. These people PISS ME OFF… I get the same visceral when I see these that I get when people steal or vandalize things. Its kinda cyber tagging and the the only difference between these folks and the thugs that tag buildings is that the thugs don’t hide behind their computers and mask their identity…

Anyway.. just pisses me off..

Happy monday!

2 Comments to Taggers

October 25, 2004

Ya I agree….it has gone way up. Even with MT-Blacklist- it still so annoying.

Shows how desperate they really are in trying to sell their lame product.

October 25, 2004

Kind of reminds me of a Daily Show segment from a while back: they interviewed a spammer who called himself something like a “high-volume e-mail deployer.” Uh huh, right.