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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004 | Politics

Just lookinig at the ichat statuses on my buddy list and there seems to be a theme:

  • People suck
  • USA Sucks… I’m moving to canada
  • Deport ME!!!!
  • We’re Screwed
  • Bitter
  • Depressed
  • canada anyone?
  • what happened to my country?
  • yea… whatever… 🙁
  • disgusted
  • 4 more wars..
  • A Once Great Nation
  • Hello Draft
  • Working remotely from Ontario for the next 4 years…
  • Looking at Places to move

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November 4, 2004

I understand and agree with your list but on the other hand in 4 years there should be another president and maybe our countrymen will have had enough lies and Bull…. by then

What does scare me is the damage already done(from voter intimadation to invading countries, fostering fear etc) and the damage yet to happen.

There is an issue of gay marriage. What differance does it make in commited relationships if the partners are male-male, male-female, or female-female.

Marriage should be an option for all and denying that option over some minor quotes from the bible is just plain stupid and does not support equal rights or the seperation of church and state.

I fully belive in G-d and in the son/savior however I question the churchs teachings. I love G-d and my country but dispise the churchs teachings and the current Administration.

My experiance as a gay man in a 31 year commited relationship to a terminally ill man(emphysia osteoperosis, diaticulitis, and rumatoid autheritis thank god no aids is spite of what we did when younger) is there is no support or safety net covering gay famlies/relationships.

From what I have seen when one partner dies the surviving partner is at the mercy of the family of the dead partner. Benifits currently there for hetro couples in life threatening disease situations do not exist for us. Marriage is one way of leveling the playing field. Marrage would also do much to remove the nelly-leather sterotypes we all suffer.

Please excuse the poor spelling etc I am not that computer literate.