Gay Repbublicans

Sunday, November 7th, 2004 | Gay Stuff, Politics

While I was working this morning I watched a show on ‘Trio‘ called ‘Gay Republicans‘ .. Oh my GOD… This is one of those shows that had me yelling at the TV. I can completely understand standing behind some of the stated Republican values of smaller government (though they’re missing the mark), conservative fiscal values (though they’re missing the mark), fiscal responsibility (though they’re REALLY missing the mark), and national security (oh my GOD are they missing the mark).. Mind you I’m not saying these are unique to the Republican Party – this is just their schtick. So, while I might not agree with their policy on these positions, I can at least understand the goal and how gay men and lesbians would support it.

However, what AMAZES me is how some openly gay and lesbian people can be a part of a party that goes beyond not accepting them to actively attacking them and using gay issues as a blatant political tool to to win a campaign at the expense of basic civil rights..It just escapes me…I just heard a gay man actually say ‘The amendment states that marriage is between a man and a woman – it doesn’t say anything about excluding me’… What the FUCK?.. That is actually PRECISELY what it says. It states that the rights and privileges that government provides to heterosexual couples isn’t available to him (and me).. Mind you I’m not talking about religious marriage (if a church doesn’t want to marry me i’ll go to a different church) – I’m talking about civil marriage and the rights the government ties to that construct. Oh my GOD… There are actually people that agree with, not only writing discrimination into the constitution, but writing in discrimination against them selves… I just want to scream.. Do people REALLY hate themselves that much?? WOW…

Makes ya wonder if there were women who didn’t think they should be allowed to vote… Or African Americans who thought that slavery was justified…

Uggg.. Anyway… Just venting

(BTW – the show also did a good job of showing the other half of the log cabins that were forced to split with their party over this very issue… I was impressed by their take on the whole thing)

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Matt's Mom
November 7, 2004

Well, the clinical explanation for that kind of cognitive /behavioral disconnect is internalized oppression. In a nut shell it kind of goes…I have no power/prestige/importance SO if I act or think like THOSE guys (whoever they are) then I may be accepted by them. Then I will have whatever it is that they have that I want. Suffice it to say it doesn’t work.


November 8, 2004

I’m registered as a Republican, but only so I can vote against the lunatics in the primaries. (There’s an argument that you should vote *for* the lunatics in the opposing party’s primary, because they’re more likely to be defeated by your party in the main election; but there’s still the chance that they *won’t* be, so I just want to vote against them as soon as possible.)

I became monumentally disillusioned with the Democrats when Clinton signed “don’t ask, don’t tell” and DOMA (I had a crisis of conscience and voted for Nader in 2000, because I couldn’t bring myself to support either the Reps or the Dems), but now that the Reps have demonstrated *their* idea of how to handle the godless sodomites, I’m back to voting for the party that screwed us over, but at least isn’t trying outright to amend the frickin’ Constitution. Grrrrr.

November 11, 2004

This kind of action makes me somewhat depressed. I am not gay, nor do I believe things will ever turn out that way for me, but I am also not a Republican…but like Matt’s mom said, it is shocking the Clinton, a democrat, signed off on some terrible things. I don’t hate either party for any one reason, but because each has ups and downs. But I agree, why would you support someone who will eventually be the cause of your demise? that is a question that is beyond me by far. It’s all about separating what needs to be.

December 2, 2004

Though still shocked with the result of the American election, I still believe that your big country is the home of many nice people. take good care.

December 13, 2004

Queer isn’t it. Gay republicans.I know the election sucked. Still getting over it.
Great blog by the way. Take care.