Rick’s Day

Sunday, January 23rd, 2005 | Pete Stuff

This weekend has been kind of odd / rough / busy / fun / crazy… Friday night Kevin and I had dinner with Matt and Brian and two of Kevin’s friends from Atlanta at a nice French (La Suite) restaurant in South Beach. Nice if you like french food that is – if you don’t like french food don’t go (Matt had Bone Marrow as an appetizer for example).. Dinner was nice though pricey and I was in a bit of a mood cuz of a frantic week… After dinner we all went to the Powerhouse only to find that Michael Brandon was doing some sort of auction at the bar and Kevin walked away with a Gift basket and DVD (imagine what kind of both) ;)… After about a half hour or so I was done but Kevin and the rest stayed to go on to the Endup. Late night for most but not so much for me..

Saturday was largely work with a break to go climbing again which was nice (though DAMN I’m sore today – this time we went climbing and also lifted weights)…

Saturday night we went out for dinner with Randy and Rick at Ozumo which was Really nice.. I’d never been to the restaurant.. The sushi was fantastic, location was right on the bay, and atmosphere was great. Oh.. and the company wasn’t too shabby either – we don’t see those guys very often unfortunately (aside from passing Randy at work which doesn’t really count as quality time).

And.. at dinner Rock informed me that I don’t update my blog enough and recommended that I dedicate days to folks.. So in honor of him today will be Rick’s on SwimFinsSF! 😉

And today.. Well today I’m in Cupertino working… Wee fun… 😉

Happy Sunday

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January 24, 2005

I am so honored!!! 🙂

January 26, 2005

Patiently waiting for Patrick’s day – or week, maybe, with a day devoted to each of my personalities.

February 9, 2005