Yet another reason

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005 | Gay Stuff

Its not like I needed another reason to avoid Microsoft Products – but they’ve given me yet another reason anyway.

In this article on theStranger it appears Microsoft has bowed out of supporting a bill which would guarantee basic civil rights (we’re not even talking marriage – just the basics) to GLTB folks in the state of Washington. After a meeting with between Ken Hutcherson (pastor of a church in the Redmond church near Microsoft’s headquarters) and a senior Microsoft executive Microsoft withdrew its support for House bill 1515. I have found a statement from Steve Blamer regarding this position thiat is interesting however i’m not buying it as articles such as this one seem to back the article in theStranger though in a more neutral way. Another very well put piece on this was this one by Nicole Brodeur.

There is plenty to debate here as to whether or not corporations should be supporting legislation which support their corporate policies and how this relates to their business but the fact remains that Microsoft has a history of political activity on any number of fronts and for them to choose this issue as an example of a change in their legislative policy strikes me as disingenuous. The fact of the matter is they put business interests and the interests of religious conservatives before human rights and any way you dice that its just wrong… it just is…

The bill was defeated in the state senate by 1 vote.