Houston Bound

Wednesday, July 6th, 2005 | Random Morsels

So it looks llike i’m gonna be headin to Houston in August. Got a cousin getting married out there and it sounds like a good excuse to check out the town… But DAMN – I’m guessin houston is gonna be HOT at the end of august..

Any ideas on how to pass t he time when i’m not at the wedding?

anyway.. back to work.. just figured I’d share! 🙂

2 Comments to Houston Bound

July 9, 2005

Oh gawd, it’s miserable there in August. What to do when you have free time? Anything indoors (read: air conditioned) or that involves being under water! Maybe a dose of that weather will make you forget about how stupid SF can be…

July 15, 2005

yes, it will be hot, but everything is air-conditioned. if you’re renting a car the AC will be on all the time. the Montrose area is the most fun, but Midtown, River Oaks, and the Rice Village areas are also good.