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Ryan K. Robertson: 1972-2005

Friday, September 23rd, 2005 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on Ryan K. Robertson: 1972-2005

I just found out about Ryan’s death this morning. Even though we haven’t spoken in quite some time his amazingly positive disposition and glow will definitely be missed!


Pursuit of Happyness

Wednesday, September 21st, 2005 | Random Morsels | Comments Off on Pursuit of Happyness

On my way to grab lunch today on my work at home day I figured out what they’re filming in Duboce park. Its a movie called ‘Pursuit of Happyniess‘. They were out there stopping traffic today as 70s vintage cars were driving up and down Duboce and Steiner.. According to IMDB its some film with Will Smith… So if ya feel like checkin it out they’re out filming all day today! :):)

Just Couldn’t resist

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005 | Random Morsels | Comments Off on Just Couldn’t resist

I’m sorry.. I know these things are silly.. But I just couldn’t resist… So while I was sitting here waiting for my carpool this morning (and after reading a bunch of work email) this is what I found out:

You scored as Buffy Summers. You are a very strong individual. You do, however, have some trouble admitting how you truly feel. You’ve experienced a lot during your life, but you more than manage. Always willing to help, you’re a great friend.

Which Buffy The Vampire Slayer Character Are You Most Like!?

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Love / Hate

Sunday, September 18th, 2005 | Random Morsels | Comments Off on Love / Hate

I know they buy the products that pay my salary but I’ve gotta say that some times the movie production companies make me a little nuts… Two examples of why came up just this weekend. First, Kevin and I went downtown last night to meet Randy and Rick for dinner at Blupointe (which was very good). Unfortunately, after letting Kevin off at the restaurant, I made the mistake of turning down California Street which landed me right in the middle of traffic caused by some production having streets in downtown SF closed off. It took me a good 20 minutes just to get myself back out of the snarled traffect and parked. Dinner was great after that but I did need a couple of cocktails after dealing with traffic saturday..

The other is this cool new BART station that suddenly appeared in Duboce Park this week.. We were all excited that they had some how quietly dug bart tunnels that would come by our house and maybe through the city – it would make getting to the airport and down town SO EASY from home. Unfortunately I spent a while this morning googling bart to see what the plans were to no avail which lead me to walk down to see if there was info on the site.. No such thing – but I did see the signs saying that there would be filming in the park on Wednesday… Dohh… So t hey built a big concrete fake subway exit in the middle of our neighborhood park for a film shoot… Long as they put the grass back the way it was (or better) I suppose its OK but still kinda odd..

I suppose its one of the costs of living in a pretty city like this one .. but I’ve learned to cringe when I see the star wagons..


Saturday, September 17th, 2005 | Blog Stuff | 1 Comment

So i’ve spent way too long farting around with my site layout and so far look what I’ve come up with… NOTHING… I’ve managed to get my picture display up top back up (and added the ability to rotate these images randomly with some PHP magic I found on we web) but aside from that I have YET to come up with anything I can deal with.. I kind of like the general form of this layout but its really just one of the MT standard layouts without much variation… I’d like to find something more me… better colors… simple and clean..

Anyway.. just whining… shows everyone has their skills and i’ve got one or two but none of ’em have ANYTHING to do with makin things purdy… Ah well…

Some Semblance of Normalcy

Wednesday, September 14th, 2005 | Geek Stuff | 1 Comment

So i’m finally trying to get my blog put back together after the great hack of 2005. I just re-installed MT for the umteenth time (this time just because there wasn’t anything left in the old blog aside from the content that I needed to preserve). They just updated MT to MT 3.2 which seems pretty decent and they added the ability to easily swap ‘themes’ from a library which is pretty damn cool.. Only problem I had with it was the install instructions which are pretty poorly written – they should go back to the step by step instructions that they had before…

Anyway… Things seem to be up and running again… If you run into any trouble let me know…