Vacation Season

Wednesday, October 26th, 2005 | Pete Stuff

I don’t know why it has to happen this way but I can’t complain.. It seems that vacation season is fast upon us… Matt and Brian and Drew and Adrian are going with us for a week in Mexico next week. We got a week in a condo in Puerta Vallarta from the silent auction at the HRC ball and decided to go with these guys over Halloween. Figured it’d be interesting to be there for that time of year and I’m happy to escape the Castro for that night…

Then i’ve got a week off from work for Thanksgiving – Steve decided to shut us down for the week as a reward so I need to find something to do to pass the time given that Kevin doesn’t have the day off… Granted I’ll be spending part of it writing performance reviews… but still will be nice to have it off.. Then there’s christmas week… So I should have plenty of time over the next months to get some of my steam back.. Just gotta figure out what to do with it! 🙂