Ford does the right thing.

Wednesday, December 14th, 2005 | Gay Stuff

After a lot of drama, word of mouth, and conjecture it looks, based on an article in 365Gay.COM, like Ford Motor company has stepped up and issued a statement indicating that they will continue to advertise in the gay press.

Gay Ads Back On Track For Ford
by Newscenter Staff

(Washington) Ford Motor Company on Wednesday agreed to almost all demands from LGBT groups following a hastily organized meeting earlier this week with the company over a claim by the American Family Association that the company had made a pact with it to end support of the LGBT community.

The only place where they hedged, according to the article, seemed understandible to me – business conditions often dictate that they can’t always continue to support all the same events and causes from year to year.

Once again, people are stepping up and doing the right thing. (The lure of the GLTB’s $610 billion a year buying power definitely doesn’t hurt i’m sure! :):))

So I have to stand up and thank Ford for its statement! :)… Thanks a lot – and in return Kevin’s all giddy to go car shopping!