Christmas Time

Thursday, December 29th, 2005 | Pete Stuff

Just got back from my Christmas excursions and figured I’d drop y’all a quick update… I had a great holiday for the most part… Kevin and I had to go separate places this year which was a shame (he was with his family in North Carolina and I was with part of mine in Nebraska) and UPS did a pretty spectacular job of fucking things up (not a SINGLE BOX that was guaranteed on time actually was – pretty impressive in its own way) but in general it all was very nice.

Like I said, Kevin left last Tuesday to spend a few days in North Carolina with his family and the following friday I flew out to Omaha to spend Christmas with my dad and Grandma. My grandma just moved into new digs so we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with her. Did a little shopping Christmas Eve and went to the Omaha Zoo on the day after. Also got to goo meet up with my buddy Scott Christmas night and went to The Maxx (a big gay bar in Omaha)… Overall a very nice trip! 🙂

When we both got back into town we turned around and headed out to spend some time with my mom, step dad, sister, her boyfriend, and my step sister.. Was really nice as well. Went to dinner on the 27th at a cool restaurant in Sacramento (little drama with a bitch of a hostess but REALLY good food and a cool place).. Then had a second Christmas the next morning…

Overall a really good holiday… now glad to be back at home relaxing and watching Lost (never seen it before – CREEPY show! :))

Oh.. And here are some pictures from both trips.. Some good shots in there of the family (lots of me in this one – other people had the camera this go-round :):) )

(Update: Here are some pix from the Omaha Zoo)

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December 31, 2005

I hate UPS — I sent a package with them one time and TWICE they shipped it back to the from address — they seem pretty clueless most of the time. FedEx and USPS have always worked out much better for me.

January 3, 2006

Are you addicted to LOST yet? Nick and I are… SO creepy but SOOO good… Let me know what episode you are on. 🙂

January 3, 2006

Missed seeing you in NC with K! ! ! We were able to scrape together a little fun anyway! ! ! Happy New Year…pj