Another Dreary Weekend

Saturday, January 14th, 2006 | Random Morsels

Uggg… Its raining AGAIN… I actually kinda like the rain but even I’m getting a little tired of it… We’ve got this awful down spout outside of our bedroom window that is broken and the only time we remember about it is when the roof is slippery and its overflowing and pouring right on our window sill… Makes me absolutely daffy…

Anyway.. Not quite sure what`s going to be going on this weekend. Have a bunch of bugs I need to fix (now that I’m a manager I don’t get much time during the week to do that but I actually kinda enjoy it so weekends are the time).. Went to dinner with Matt last night at Macarthur Park which was fun.. Today I gotta get my hairs cut and get some work done.. Haven’t decided what to do with my evening yet – Kevin and Brian are going to the Kabuki for massages so I guess I’m on my own – might see bout conning someone to go with me to one of the movies at the Berlin and Beyond film festival…

Hows that for a boring weekend… have to see how it all turns out. 🙂

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January 16, 2006

It could be worse Pete, we just got back from Seattle where they had their 28th day of consecutive rain. They are out to beat their 33 days of consecutive rain set in 1953.

January 16, 2006

Oh my GOD.. that would make me crazy.. Dreary days are nice on occasion but 28 days in a row would be insane (let alone 33 or more… uggg)