Golden Globes

Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 | Random Morsels

In case you missed it the Golden Globes last night were fantastic and I’m SO HAPPY with the results…

There were lots of other winners that were fantastic but these were my favorites… For a full list of results check out this page (or check out the Hollywood Foreign Press Association web site – other good stuff there).. I have to say I was disappointed Heath Ledger didn’t get best actor for Brokeback Mountain cuz we was REALLY DAMN GOOD in that movie – but I can’t honestly say he was robbed given Philip Seymour Hoffman did an amazing job in Capote too (if ya haven’t seen that one go see it – really good movie though not exactly a happy cheery one).. But if Felicity Huffman didn’t get it she would have been robbed – she did a fantastic job (and her acceptance speech was really damn sweet to boot)..

Anyway.. ‘Twas a good night in hollywood..