A Weekend in LA

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006 | Giggles


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This last weekend Kevin and I decided to head down to LA to explore. I had an all day meeting in Santa Monica on friday so we decided to take advantage of that and spend the weekend… Weekend started off a little rocky because of weather – Kevin’s flight got delayed from 9:20pm friday night until 2am at which point he bailed and decided to come back the next morning. But from that point on it was great..

Once he got in we dropped his luggage off at the hotel and went to see an exhibit called ‘Ashes and Snow‘ at the Santa Monica Pier…. REALLY COOL temporary exhibit that is a mixed video and still media presentation… I HIGHLY recommend it if you can make it down that way… We then spent the rest of the afternoon doing random tourist stuff which was fun too… We went to the new Disney concert hall in downtown LA – it was cool but really kinda typical for Gehry’s architecture and pretty similar to the Experience Music Project in Seattle… We also checked out MOCA while we were in the area – comic book art was just OK but the rest was VERY cool..

Saturday night we hung out with Stephen – just had dinner in Marina Del Rey near his house and then went to see Brokback Mountain (we all just kinda wanted to see it again and it was raining so sounded better than the other options)..

Sunday we had lunch with Kevin’s friend Steven at Basix in West Hollywood which was really nice (both hanging out with Steven and the place)… After that we went on a driving tour of Bel Air and Hollywood… Sunday night we had a dinner to ourselves for a late Valentines day dinner… Was really nice…

Overall a great trip despite a few hiccups… 🙂