Spring Cleaning

Sunday, March 12th, 2006 | Pete Stuff

This weekend was crazy productive. We both spent a TON of time purging old crap from around the house. I’ve managed to create a huge heap of good will clothes, a pile of DVDs to take to streetlight, a HUGE stack of books to give away, and more trash than you could imagine. Kevin did the same! :)… And… Of course, durinig the process I found all sorts of goodies.. But some of the best (or the worst actually) I figured I’d share… So here goes… As embarrased as I am to share it with y’all, here are some pix of me from high school and college:

This one is from prom my Sophomore year. I was so proud of myself cuz I managed to muster the courage to ask Marla to her senior prom. Was a lot of fun! :


These two are from my Senior prom in 1988. I went with my best buddy Kim and doubled with our friends Hans and Deanna.


And this one is one of my senior pictures (the informal one):


And, last but not least, is one that was taken of me in college for an Apple Ad campaign. Ya gotta love the high tops and acid wash jeans.. YIKES..


Anyway… Had to share! 🙂 (Click on any of ’em to make ’em larger)

Happy Sunday

2 Comments to Spring Cleaning

blake seely
March 20, 2006

soooo gaaaaaaaay 😉

April 5, 2006

You look very fuckable.