Friday, April 7th, 2006 | Pete Stuff

So Kevin and I just started doing this Boot Camp SF thing on monday (not to be confused with Apple’s Boot Camp) The program started Monday and is 4 days a week (M, T, Th, F) at 6am in Golden Gate Park. So far it seems really cool but – OH MY GOD – its KICKING MY ASS…

Monday wasn’t bad – just stretching and fitness testing (body fat, pushups, situps, etc.).. But Tuesday was the 1.5 Mile run and then Stairs for the rest of the time. Oh my GOD – I was SO SORE yesterday. I was actually kinda proud of myself – I managed to do all the running without stopping (the stairs was on the edge of stopping – but I survived).. Really surprised myself though – figured i’d drop far sooner…… And then today we did all this strength training including LOTS of running, jumping, and rolling around in the sand.

and then there’s the whole changed diet thing to go along with it.

this is gonna kill me… I”m gonna be walking funny for weeks… But its gonna be really good at the end..

But DAMN! 🙂

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April 7, 2006

After loosing my workout partner, I only seem to get myself into the gym once a week and the bootcamp thing piqued my interest, but not if it involves running. I hate running.

April 7, 2006

It definitely involves running but I still highly recommend it.. I hate running too but they do a good job of mixing up the running with other stuff so it doesn’t get tedious like running can get .. (least so far)…

Brad Zaller
April 10, 2006

Peter, if you really want to complain about walking funny for a week, methinks you should try a more truly local San Francisco Boot Camp experience… I’m sure you’d be *quite* popular there… >:)