My Software Plugs for the week

Saturday, May 13th, 2006 | Geek Stuff

Gotta take a second to plug my to current favorite things… First is kind of biased since a good friend of mine created the product – but even still its VERY COOL… PumpOne is this REALLY cool workout guides for your iPod. Its basically workouts that you can download to your ipod so you have workout guides at hand while you’re listening to your music at the gym. They have a bunch of different types of workouts for both men and women and all of them have the same clear easy to follow steps to walk you through what ya need to do… Check it out either directly or over at Apple’s site..


The other is just my favorite new time sync… They’ve FINALLY started supporting Plaxo on Mac OS X. as a result i’ve killed WAY too much time pestering my friends to update their contact information and cleaning out my address book. But seriously – the idea is VERY cool and its about f-ing time they made a mac version.. For those of you that don’t know, Plaxo is a web integrated service that helps you keep your address book up to date by allowing your contacts to update your address book for you. You can send email requests to your contacts which sends them to a web page where they can update their information and the next time you sync your address book with Plaxo you get the updates. But, even cooler, it also allows you to connect your address book with other Plaxo users so if any of your contacts are also plaxo members you automatically get their updates whenever they make changes without having to send a request. They definitely have some things to work out (especially when it comes to iSync) but its still very cool…

ok… enough plugging… Happy saturday..