Tuesday, January 16th, 2007 | Giggles


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Uggg.. this remodel is getting SO CLOSE its killing me.. All the appliances are in and working.. The cabinetry is nearly done (lot of little things still left to do but it looks fantastic)… The bathroom is coming together.. But MAN – all the little details are enough to kill ya – its like death by a thousand needles.. We still need door hardware, the bath tub is working but can’t use the shower, can’t use the upper cabinets in the kitchen, yadda yadda yadda… I won’t say what my guess on the completion date is cuz I don’t want to jynx anything – but it isn’t this week…

But it is startin to look pretty – huh?

(Please say yes.. I need lots of ‘its gorgeous’ from folks to make me feel OK about the pain – if you hate it just keep it to yourself! hehehe)

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January 16, 2007

It is ****freakin’**** the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen!!! Now, more pictures, please – so I can decide what I want to incorporate in my own redesign!!

It is sleek.

January 16, 2007

Holy S**T!!! That kitchen is amazing. Once done please, please, please send pictures to Apartment Therapy!!!! They will LOVE it.

January 25, 2007

WOW!!!!!!! It looks amazing! Congrats, I can’t wait to be invited over to your place (in a year or so, of course).