A wet weekend

Monday, February 26th, 2007 | Giggles

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Another good (though wet) weekend. Friday night I went with Tom and Garrett to meet some friends of theirs for a German night.. I met Tom at Garrett’s for glass of wine before heading over to Walzwerk and then off to see ‘Das Leben Der Anderen‘ (The Lives of Others). Was a very fun night and I got to practice my german – could almost make it through the movie without using the subtitles (much).

Saturday was boring… Work.. Errands… TV… Rain… thats it

Then sunday I got up early to head down to Año Nuevo State park to check out the elephant seals. This was for one of Randy and Rick’s photo walks and it was a lot of fun.. The weather was awful (rainy and cold) but that actually turned out to be OK cuz the seals liked it and seemed to be more active than the last time I went.. The only down side was I wasn’t as inclined to bop around and find fun angles and stuff for pictures cuz I was focusing on keeping my gear dry… but still very fun… The pictures are here if ya wanna peek… After that a bunch of us went to a diner along the coast for food.. Was a fun sunday..

Thats it – no good stories to tell but a good time..