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Hey all…. If any of you are trying to register on my blog to post or post comments please send me an email first to warn me. I’ve gotten a few registration requests lately with I email addresses I don’t recognize. Since being registered lets you see things others can’t i’m kind of careful about who I approve..

now back to your regularly scheduled programming

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January 13, 2009

Hi Pete, this is Kyle. We were in the 1988 CU marching band together. I played the tenor sax and graduated in 1992. I believe you played the clarinet. Do you remember me? I could send you a pic of me if you would like just to jostle your memory.

It looks like you are doing well in SF. I have enoyed your 1988 videos so much I am wondering if you would be able to share the actual file to myself so I could have it too in my records. Unfortunately, I don’t have any videos of the Garden Barfola Mulching Bland (LOL). It would be great if you could forward both the pre-game and Disney half time performances. I would appreciate it very much.

I don’t think you can directly download videos from YouTube….maybe you can but it is smarter than I. 🙂

Hope to hear from you!