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Just had to share

Saturday, August 16th, 2008 | Giggles | Comments Off on Just had to share

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this pic made me giggle so I had to share…

Was taken at Audrey’s 4th Birthday party today…. Was a lot of fun… silly string… cupcakes.. make your own pizzas… the works! :):)

Weekend ahead

Friday, August 15th, 2008 | Giggles | Comments Off on Weekend ahead

Ugggg… Its been one of those weeks and i woke up this morning absolutely exhausted. We did have Kevin’s niece Kayla in town from North Carolina which was fantastic – she’s a total sweet heart and its always great having her around. Unfortunately, because of work and other things I didn’t get to spend very much time with her. We did get to have a few nice dinners and Kevin made sure she got to get around and enjoy the city – they even went to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium and then got a massage yesterday (her first). Hopefully she had a good time – we did.

Work week was much of the usual but it seemed to all collide at the same time. My job is a very strange combination of an ever decreasing amount of technical and engineering duties combined with an ever increasing number of meetings and other people and planning activities. As a manager in a company like ours my job frequently boils down to a lot of interpersonal coaching – which is particularly funny coming from me since i’m well known to be relatively calus to such things.. (or at least I think I am)… Engineers are a very interesting breed of very smart people who care very deeply about what they do but, at the same time, can be a little bit rough around the edges when it comes to how they interact with others. They can often be blunt and very matter of fact without a ton of thought to how what they say will be received (my self included – just to be clear). So when you’re managing these type of smart folks you end up spending a good amount of time helping people through sticky interactions. So, between planning for upcoming work, people management type things, and meetings, I got very little time to be a geek which is somewhat sad! 😉 🙂

ANYWAY… thus my exhausting week…

This weekend looks to be good but very busy. Tomorrow we’ve got the gym in the AM and then Audrey’s 4th birthday party (YAY) in the afternoon. Then Sunday we’ve got some family stuff to do with Matt and Brian. Between there i’m hoping to relax a little (though also get some work done… :-\)

ok… enough for now… more later…

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Retro Mondays

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008 | Giggles | Comments Off on Retro Mondays

Scott and Alex

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Oh my GOD I feel old – but on Monday night I had so much fun… Alex, Scott, and I went to a concert at the Saratoga Mountain Winery that had a bunch of bands from my high school days playing – A Flock of Seaguls (ehhh), ABC (REALLY good), Belinda Carslile (surprisingly good), and The Human League (Fantastic). It was definitely a crowd of folks our age which was made for interesting people watching (including a few folks that never really let the 80s go) but the show was great.. And it didn’t hurt that the Mountain Winery is a GREAT place to go see shows…

not a bad time for a school night!

The Birthday Girl

Sunday, August 10th, 2008 | Giggles | 1 Comment

The Birthday Girl

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Our little girl is a year old today!

Happy birthday Nina!…

Quick Thursday Update

Thursday, August 7th, 2008 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on Quick Thursday Update

Its been a bit of a crazy week so i’ve been falling behind once again.. but a quick update seems like a good thing…

Home wise its been a little nuts… in the process of dealing with a move, selling a house, and other topsey turvey stuff around that. I really should be more relaxed about all of this because I know at the end of it all things will turn out great however while everything is in process i can’t help but stress out a little.. My little sis reminds me that it runs in the family. Without going into a bunch of details in a public forum we had a deal fall through that flipped me out initially but now i’m thinking it was a great thing from multiple perspectives… Its really funny how your gut instincts prove to be the best….

Other than that we’ve been trying to have a little fun. Last weekend we went to see the new Batman movie which was PHENOMENAL… Disturbing.. But GREAT.. I walked away just feeling giddy and oogey at the same time – how weird is that.. Something about Heath Ledger in Scary Clown Nurse Drag that is just not right.. but DAMN…

Weekend before was the HRC Dinner and Dore Alley Street Fair – both of which were great. The HRC Dinner was a little odd because of the drama around the HRC position on ENDA. It kind of breaks my heart because there isn’t a clear good answer here and I hate seeing people that would normally be on the same side of the issue being divided so badly.. its a shame.. But the dinner was fun and it was great to have my parents join us for it. Dore Alley was the usual stuff… just a lot of tawdry fun which would shock the hell out of most people but is kinda boring to me these days… unfortunately it was also a little cold so we didn’t last very long…

This week we’re having a few house guests to keep us busy. Kevin’s friend Laura that he met in Guatemala got here Monday and left this morning. Then on Saturday night Kevin’s Niece from NC arrives for a week. It will be interesting to see what Kevin plans for her. Last time she was here he took her EVERYWHERE – they did tourist stuff in SF that i’ve never done which is impressive – she was EXHAUSTED by the time she left..

I think thats it at this point – probably more soon but that’ll do for now…


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