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  • Jean K. Mellang: 1919-2012

    My grandma, Jean Mellang, passed away this last Sunday at age 92. This was what I wrote to say at her service today ( though I didn’t use notes so what I actually said was probably kinda different. Grandma, I love you and will miss you very much. It’s funny the things you remember…. I’ve […]

  • Jean K. Mellang: 1919-2012

  • An update from the lost

    Its been AGES and AGES since i’ve posted anything to my blog – and i don’t even really have much to say this time. Just been stupid busy with a bunch of things as usual. True to form (for me at least) work occupies a larger than normal percentage of my time – never been […]

  • Weekend ahead

    Ugggg… Its been one of those weeks and i woke up this morning absolutely exhausted. We did have Kevin’s niece Kayla in town from North Carolina which was fantastic – she’s a total sweet heart and its always great having her around. Unfortunately, because of work and other things I didn’t get to spend very […]

  • Quick Thursday Update

    Its been a bit of a crazy week so i’ve been falling behind once again.. but a quick update seems like a good thing… Home wise its been a little nuts… in the process of dealing with a move, selling a house, and other topsey turvey stuff around that. I really should be more relaxed […]

  • Catching you up

    Last few weeks have been crazy in both good and bad ways…. So here is the run down… Two or three weeks ago Kevin and I took a vacation to go visit family back east. Kevin left first and spent a week in North Carolina with his family an I came 4 days later to […]