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  • Sylvia Sawyers: 1941 – 2008

    Sylvia Sawyers, originally uploaded by SwimFinsSF.

  • Is it scary

    that everyone I know seems to be showing up in facebook? :-)… We’re talking my sister, her husband, a zillion people I work with, my cousin, friends from college, and as of today my mother and my girlfriend from high school (Yes – my GIRLfriend – enough already! :):)). anyway… just makin me giggle.. I […]

  • A few things for a Monday morning

    On my shuttle on the way into work so figured i’d throw a few things out there… All completely unrelated and random – but what the hell! :)… Weekend was good but not many good stories to tell.. Dinner with R&R friday night was great… Chores and work Saturday.. Brunch and the park with Audrey […]

  • He Lives

    Once again, I fell off the face of the earth for a while.. but back now.. Lots going on and rather than wait till I have time to write about it all i’m just going to post a quick hi and fill in the details as I have time… But the reader’s digest version is […]