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  • a note from the frey

    Just wanted to post a few quick updates while I drive to work (or, rather, am driven)…. Its been ages since i’ve posted anything here for all the same reasons and a few new ones.. So lets see…. updates… Guess the biggest news is we just moved… Not far at all from the old place […]

  • A week on a boat

    Nawaikama Originally uploaded by SwimFinsSF I’ve been super busy the last few days / weeks with all sorts of stuff so I haven’t had time to post… But I did want to share some pictures while I have a free second (and just a second)… Kevin and I just got back from spending a week […]

  • Is it scary

    that everyone I know seems to be showing up in facebook? :-)… We’re talking my sister, her husband, a zillion people I work with, my cousin, friends from college, and as of today my mother and my girlfriend from high school (Yes – my GIRLfriend – enough already! :):)). anyway… just makin me giggle.. I […]

  • A few notes for a friday

    Just getting to work but figured i’d throw a few notes up before I get there… Weekend is lookin kinda mellow so far. We’re going to be having dinner with Rick and Randy tonight which should be nice.. Rest of the weekend is looking kind of mellow so far. Nina got snipped on tuesday so […]

  • This weekend

    Quick weekend update.. Was a good one, despite the CRAPPY weather. Our buddy Ray from Calgary came down to visit on Thursday and stayed until last night. Had a rather mellow time – at least as compared to his trip down for Folsom a few years back which was crazy as you might expect – […]

  • In a continuing effort…

    to ping the blog a little more often here is my morning bus-bound-note! :):) Though actually not a whole lot to report since yesterday… Our friend Ray is in town visiting from Calgary.. Poor guy came from Canada undoubtedly expecting a little California sunshine. Boy was he wrong… weather here this weekend is going to […]