Obama party in the Castro!!!!

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008 | Politics

Obama party in the Castro!!!!

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Ok folks… so its only 10:45 but a lot of news has come in…. Unfortunately Prop 8 is winning right now but its far from time to give up hope… and, more importantly, we’ve seen the more important bigger change which is the country has put the right person in charge of the country. Obama’s speech tonight brought me to tears (and i NEVER EVER cry). There clearly is hope for tomorrow in this country and we can move on to the next fight. So while we may be loosing an important battle, we’ve already won the war…. So however Prop 8 turns out (and i’m not going to stay up to sweat out the chruning polls) we just need to look at where we are and figure out what we do next. If we don’t win this one then we need to step up and keep pushing for the next day and help people understand..

I’ve never been so personally and emotionally tied to an election and, while I still see a lot of bigotry and hate in this country and this world its good to see signs that we’ve got things to hope for…

So what’s next people? lets make it happen!!!!!

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Katie Farrell
November 5, 2008

Your optimism and hope shine brighter than any hate ever could and it IS going to be infectious.