Finally… A new years post

Thursday, January 15th, 2009 | Pete Stuff

Happy new years folks… as is typical, the holidays wizzed by and i immediately got thrust into the tempest of my regular weeks and haven’t gotten around to posting till now. And even now i don’t have much to say but i got tired of the last post lurking there. So here is a quick update…


Lets see – holidays were fantastic. Kevin and I spent Christmas out in Granite Bay with my parents and my sister and brother in law who drove out from Colorado. Drive you ask? Well they also brought their new puppy Calvin who is a gorgeous Yellow Lab pup. So we had a very Canine Christmas – 4 dogs romping and playing like crazy dogs. Nina was in Heaven. Christmas was very nice and relaxing which i enjoy..


After Christmas Kevin and I drove down the coast to spend a couple of nights at Costanoa to get a little quiet time… If you haven’t been there you should go – its kinda pottery barn camping. Camping without the hassle or the dirt. We went hiking along the beach, drove to santa cruz, had nice dinners, and relaxed… VERY Nice!


After that Katie and Nick drove into the city from Sac-to to spend a few days for new years eve. They crashed out with us and got to spend time with Nick’s mom who was visiting for a conference. Highlight was new years eve where my parents drove out from Sac-to for the evening (such a long haul for such a short time – we really appreciated it) and we all went to a really nice new years dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in the ‘stro…

The next day, after Katie and Nick left my step sister Haylie and her beau Ross came out to visit for a night. It was REALLY great to see her and meet Ross – he was a really nice guy. The only regret was that I was so tired by that point in the holiday that I don’t think we were very good hosts. but it was wonderful seeing them.

So that was the holidays – then i dove back into work… As usual i can’t talk about the details of that aside from the public stuff (you know – macworld last week… FCP supermeet last wednesday which was cool… some health issues with our fearless leader… blahh blahh blahh)…

Ok… Now you’re all up to date.. More smaller updates later.. but that should hold ya for now! 🙂

2 Comments to Finally… A new years post

Haylie Swenson
January 16, 2009

Correction: you were wonderful hosts. Thank you so much for letting us stay and being so nice to Ross. Meeting the fam is always stressful, and you guys were wonderful. He really liked you both, too. He even liked Nina. And (the short sentence parade marches on: can you tell I’m tired?) your house is beautiful.

Love you guys. Can’t wait to see you again!

Ross Dewey
February 4, 2009

It really was great to stay with you guys. And Nina was very charming (which is saying a lot, because I don’t take to all dogs easily). Thanks a lot for your hospitality and generosity. Have a fabulous new year!