Category: Gay Stuff

  • Gay Bars and the Fire Marshall

    So the fire marshall has really started ruining people’s evenings in San Francisco… Can’t say I hold it against him (them? I assume there is more than one of those guys / gals)… Ever since those fires in Chicago and on the East Coast the fire marshall in San Francisco has started cracking down on […]

  • Sad Nightlife

    So I went out dancing for the first time in ages with my friend Randy last night… Kind of needed to get out of the house and see the boys… So we went to this new place in SF called Mezzanine… Supposed to be the next great thing in San Francisco since Club Universe closed.. […]

  • David Sedaris

    Ok… So we went to see David Sedaris last night at the SF War Memorial Opera House… That dude is FUCKING FUNNY… I’ve never been too a reading before – and definitely not one that could fill up the opera house – so I’m not sure what I was expecting… But damn.. He had me […]