An update from the lost

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010 | Pete Stuff | 1 Comment

Its been AGES and AGES since i’ve posted anything to my blog – and i don’t even really have much to say this time. Just been stupid busy with a bunch of things as usual. True to form (for me at least) work occupies a larger than normal percentage of my time – never been very good at that whole work life balance thing. Just like it was at Apple, I can’t really talk publicly about whats going on with me in this gig either..

Have managed to get some play time in outside of work though which has been nice – the holidays were VERY nice – got to spend some good quality time with one side of the family and got to rest up some too as well. We spent Christmas in Sacramento with my mom, step dad, sis, bro-in law, step sis, step bro-in-law, and the bro-in-law’s dad… Those days were a lot of eating, talking, opening presents, movie watching (in the new kick-ass granite bay media room) and a trip to see Avitar (which i LOVED).

New Years was super fun too – the whole family (minus the step sis and bro-in law since they had to go back to PDX :(:( ) came out for new years eve dinner.. After dinner the rents had to beat it back to Granite bay for a party of their own and Katie, nick and I went off to a party for the new year and then out to blackbird for drinks after that. Really fun night (though did result in a SUPER fun hangover the next day – but thats OK).

New Years day we went to Matt and Brian’s for BB’s new years birthday with Katie and Nick which was also great.. As usual Matt cooked up a storm and we got to hang out and play with the Aud-ster. Later in the day was a blur – think dinner and rented a movie or something.

That weekend Katie and Nick had to head back home (booo) and we just hung out. Went to see “A Single Man” which we both LOVED… Very well done both from a production / artistic perspective as well as from a plot perspective… Loved it..

Last week was mostly work and pulling together a video for Alex’s 40th Birthday party. Scott and I decided to pull together a slideshow and a video for the party last saturday night with clips from a bunch of his friends. Turned out to be super fun to edit it all together – video wound up being a little long and I don’t like the audio mix much.. but still fun. The actual party was Saturday night which was super fun to.. Pictures all through dinner and video at the end.. We got a private room at Luce in the Intercontinental… Overall very fun…

This week is all work and this weekend we’re going up to Napa with some friends to escape.

So I guess that was longer than i thought.. boring to most i’m sure but figured i was overdue… no promises on the next post (since i always seem to break them).. but i’ll try! 🙂

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Weekend update

Sunday, June 14th, 2009 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on Weekend update

Just a quick update for a Sunday as I hide in the bedroom from the painters… One of the many projects we have going on is having the upstairs painted… They’re almost done and its going to look HOT but in the mean time our place looks like construction site AGAIN (i’m getting good at living in shrapnel)… All of our stuff is heaped in the center of every room with big plastic tarps over them. I’ll post pictures when its done though (once its put back together of course)
Aside from that not much to report sadly. Work is going pretty well though I’ve got TONS that i need to be doing it and, sadly, there is only 24 hours in every day and Kevin informs me I have to spend at least a couple of those hours sleeping and eating. Ah well.
And one more thing – just for fun… A friend of mine from college sent some REALLY OLD pictures he found of a ski trip to breck… SCARY but its me and some really shiny purple Oakleys… SCARY…
thats it for now… off to a party… more later

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Super quick note to let y’all know i’m still alive

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on Super quick note to let y’all know i’m still alive

So I KNOW its been ages since i’ve posted and i don’t have a ton of time right now to go into the gorey details – but a LOT has been going on and it all explains why my last post was about old concert tickets i found.. Reader’s digest version is after 17 years at Apple I had another opportunity present itself that I just couldn’t resist.. So about a month ago i left the mother ship, took a few weeks break, and two weeks ago i started working at Industrial Light and Magic… I’m working in their RnD group helping look over some of their software development process… Not only is it a cool place to work with brilliant people making really cool movies but i get to work about 10 minutes drive from home with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge… I’m still feeling kind of overwhealmed – but in my favorite kind of way.. Learning a lot every day..

So thats the big news… Also been doing a lot around the house and trying to focus on relaxing and being a little more well rounded… Started taking Yoga classes with kevin during those weeks off and we’re still doing it ( Bikram Yoga actually )… Also are taking a meditation class once a week… We’ll see if i keep it up long term but i’m digging it right now…

So things are good but busy… I’ll try to post more but probably the best thing to do is watch the right hand side – thats where the twitter updates go which i update more frequently than my blog these days (short tweets are easier than long posts)…

more later

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Ticket Stubs from the past

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on Ticket Stubs from the past

Ticket Stubs from the past

Originally uploaded by SwimFinsSF

Found these in a drawer in my office today and got a kick out of them… They’re from years ago in my concert going days but the collection of shows and movies kinda makes me giggle… INXS, Marilyn Manson,Front 242, Jimmy Buffett, a Giants Game, and Lie Down with Dogs (Movie)…

Anyway… Made me giggle so i had to share! 🙂

A few quick notes

Friday, March 20th, 2009 | Pete Stuff | Comments Off on A few quick notes

just a few quick mindless notes for a friday….

my day: it was actually pretty damn good. I got a lot done. had some really good conversations with folks that i’ve needed to have. Relatively drama free which is a beautiful thing. And, most importantly, i got a lot of good coding done – added some really cool stuff to something i’ve been working on for some time. Usual  stuff so can’t say anything about what or when – but still. fun.

words: I just read a note on JMG about the wing nuts freakin out because Barney Frank called Antonin Scalia (who is not chief justice btw – thank god) a Homophobe. I think we overuse the word Homophobe. Perhaps these people have “an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.” but i’m not so sure… Bigot is a better word (intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself)…. Just at thought…

weekend: Lookin forward to it. BSG party tonight (yes i’m a geek – lest there be no any question. but man i’m gonna miss that show). Then brunch and an afternoon with friends. Then a birthday party tomorrow night. Then a massage Sunday. All things considered not a bad way to spend the weekend.

facebook: not diggin the new redesign. sorry. i’m kinda curious about people’s status updates and i liked being able to checkin occasionally. but i found things people posted far more interesting. Links. Pictures. New Friends. That kind of thing. Status messages from most people are kind of an over-share most of the time if you ask me (which is odd given how much i use twitter). I liked having a different tab for status updates and ‘other stuff’. seems like facebook is trying to take a swipe at twitter at the expense of some of facebook’s strengths.

like i said.. a random post… more updates coming soon but for now that should tide me over! 🙂

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Shades of Gray

Thursday, February 26th, 2009 | featured, Pete Stuff | 2 Comments

I don’t know if its something that comes with age or what but I’m becoming increasingly tired of people (myself included) speaking in absolutes. Right / wrong. Conservative / Liberal. Good / Bad. Pro Life / Pro Choice. Pro-this / anti-that. I haven’t fully fleshed out the reasons why (and thats part of why I’m writing) but it seems to me that it bugs me for two very important reasons. First, because I don’t think, by and large, people don’t believe in absolutes if you actually get them to let down their guard and talk about where they’re coming from. Take the Conservative / Liberal thing. I’ve seen a WHOLE LOT of debate on the news, on twitter, and in person that start with the us versus them crap but if you start analyzing the statements being made they’re all somewhere in the middle… ya know… in the shades of grey…

Which leads me to the second reason why it bugs the hell out of me. If you start with a premise of debating differences you immediately deadlock all conversations because you’re in a defensive position debating and defending your position. If, on the other hand, you started the conversation without these assumptions and focused, to start, on where you agree and then branch out to explore and understand differences and the reasons you can have a much more sane conversation. Otherwise the debate send everyone’s blood pressure through the roof and have people walk away from every conversation thinking ‘well they’re just a fucking idiot’… not productive.. not helpful..

I’ve seen SO MANY examples of this around me over the years. You see it in politics. In the President’s speech the other night you saw half of the audience cheering and the other half sitting on their hands pouting. Same premise on both sides – i’m right and they’re wrong. Get over it. Stupid – all you people have a big problem you need to solve and if you can’t work together – ALL OF YOU – then we’re screwed.

I see this in my day to day life. My solution to the problem is the right one and yours is fundamentally flawed. The truth is neither is true. Both are options with merit and if you start with where they work and go from there you’ll ALL come up with a solution that is better for the effort. I even see this in debates in forums like twitter.

The result is the same in all situations – deadlock.

Now mind you I’m not saying that we all don’t have incredibly firm convictions on certain topics. There are people who think that abortion is wrong in all cases. There are people who believe that gay marriage is a fundamental human right. There are people who believe that Objective-C is the appropriate language for all development problems. Whatever. The point is if you start with those absolutes first the conversation is SO MUCH HARDER and, quite frankly, the debates are T.E.D.I.O.U.S…. Put those absolutes aside and start with the gray so you can actually make some progress…

Sorry for the rant and the random stream of consciousness post. I’ve just been thinking a lot about what has me tied in knots lately and it boiles down to that – I’ve allowed myself to get drawn into, worked up by, and emotionally invested in following these types of debates. Sure they can be entertaining on occasion – but if you get invested in them they wear you down and you don’t actually solve anything…

Deep breath…

now back to your regularly scheduled program

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