A quick update

Sunday, December 21st, 2008 | featured, Pete Stuff | Comments Off on A quick update

I think its been a while since i’ve posted anything… No real excuses aside from the usual ones – just super busy with a zillion different things and not a whole lot of time for much else… I have been keeping up with twitter (see the sidebar) but not much time to actually pull together a post… Its Sunday night now and i figured i’d pull together a quick post…

Reader’s digest is work work, Christmas, work work, Baby Shower, work work, hanging out, work work… We had a baby shower at our house for our friends Drew and Adrian who are having a baby just after the new year. We had a house full of people and amazing food thanks to kevin… Was a lot of fun. Since then work has been super busy with things that I can’t talk about as usual..

This past weekend was pretty good. Had dinner with Alex at a restaurant called Sauce in Hayes valley that was super good. Kind of funky variations on old classics… Meat loaf. Tater Tots. That kind of thing.. Was really good. The rest of the weekend we spent working and christmas shopping. Boring I know but such is my life lately – and i’m OK with that 🙂

We did manage to see Milk this weekend. If you haven’t seen it you NEED to see it. I expected to be touched by it because i’d heard good things and because we’re surrounded by signs of that part of history living here in the Castro – but I had NO IDEA how moving it would be. They do an amazing job of combining new footage and historical footage to put together an amazing story. I came out completely exhausted and looking for more information (which is always my sign of a good movie).

Anyway.. thats it for now… more later