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New Style Sheet

Saturday, October 1st, 2005 | Blog Stuff | 2 Comments

So i’ve spent a few hours mucking with my style sheet to get it looking less like the stock one you can get from the MT folks and more like my own thing… The colors were picked by Kevin again but i’m still not 100% sold on the brown thing.. Unfortunately, i’m not coming up with a color pallette that I like better… So for now i’m gonna stick with this… Let me know what ya think (and if anyone else has better suggestions i’m ALL EARS…

But this is it for now… I’ll keep mucking with it and see if I can find something I like better… But for now i’m off to get a cocktail! 🙂

Happy Saturday! 🙂


Saturday, September 17th, 2005 | Blog Stuff | 1 Comment

So i’ve spent way too long farting around with my site layout and so far look what I’ve come up with… NOTHING… I’ve managed to get my picture display up top back up (and added the ability to rotate these images randomly with some PHP magic I found on we web) but aside from that I have YET to come up with anything I can deal with.. I kind of like the general form of this layout but its really just one of the MT standard layouts without much variation… I’d like to find something more me… better colors… simple and clean..

Anyway.. just whining… shows everyone has their skills and i’ve got one or two but none of ’em have ANYTHING to do with makin things purdy… Ah well…

Bear with me

Wednesday, August 17th, 2005 | Blog Stuff | 2 Comments

Hey Folks… Please bear with me… As I said earlier – my blog was attacked this morning / last night by a hacker that did a pretty phenominal job of hosing it… After multiple attempts to re-construct it in place only to have it re-tagged I decided to do a fresh re-install and reload of MT. Its a painful process and i’m left with a format that, right now, is pretty bland and lame however the result should be a much cleaner blog.. I think I may use this opportunity to tidy up what I’ve got here and see if I can come up with a cleaner layout… The good thing is I have backups of the content on the blog so even though a lot of the structure is gone, the content is still there..

So please be patient – it’ll take me some time to get myself back to a layout I like…


SLOWLY Getting there

Saturday, June 25th, 2005 | Blog Stuff | Comments Off on SLOWLY Getting there

Starting to get my main page back to normal… next trick wil be all the second level pages… uggg… this is killin me! 🙁

Bear With Me

Friday, June 24th, 2005 | Blog Stuff | Comments Off on Bear With Me

Please bear with me.. I upgraded my blog to MT 3 and, in the course of doing that, managed to kill all of my templates so i’m rebuilding the blog from scratch.. unfortunately that means that, while i’ve got all of the content (which is the important stuff) a whole bunch of the little tweaks and formatting were lost which sucks… So i’m gonna start re-building it but in the mean time thigns are a little rough…


Monday, October 25th, 2004 | Blog Stuff | 2 Comments

Uggg… Is it just me or has the volume of blog spam gone WAY up. I woke up this morning to about 20 new spam comments. Its super easy for me to blast ’em and I see ’em come in so they don’t stick for very long (especially given how often I read email).. But FUCK.. These people PISS ME OFF… I get the same visceral when I see these that I get when people steal or vandalize things. Its kinda cyber tagging and the the only difference between these folks and the thugs that tag buildings is that the thugs don’t hide behind their computers and mask their identity…

Anyway.. just pisses me off..

Happy monday!